UK Clifford Pricing & Licensing SmartStart

Q: Does the SmartStart system require a Clifford alarm to operate?

A: The Directed SmartStart will work as a standalone unit (utilising 4 outputs and 1 input) or in conjunction with a Clifford 520.4X / 510.4X / 310.3K or Viper 5204 / 5104 Alarms. Please note that when used without a Clifford alarm some functions may not be available.

Q: What alarms should I fit the system with if I require remote start?

A: Clifford Alarms 520.4X / 5104.X
Viper Alarms 5204V / 5104V

Q: If I fit SmartStart with a non-remote start alarm will the remote start still work?

A: No if fitted with Clifford 320.3X the system will do all commands except remote start.

Q: Can SmartStart be connected to a factory alarm or upgrade?

A: Smart Start can be fitted in conjunction with most factory systems and aftermarket upgrades; however some functions may not be available.

Q: What phones is the application applicable to?

A: Smart Phones that utilise App Store, Blackberry App World and Android Market.

Q: What is included in the purchase price of £399.99

A: The purchase price includes all Clifford / Viper SmartStart DSM250I hardware only. It does not include installation, or service plan. The consumer selects and activates the service plan after installation.

Q: What is the cost of the service plan and what does it include?

A: Three service plans are available at £99.99 per year. Inclusions and features may be viewed here.

Q: Why am I required to pay a service plan?

A: The Viper Smart Start DSM250I comes with a SIM card embedded. The service charge includes all data transfers for 365 days with no excess charges. This ensures two way communications with the vehicle.

Q: How do I renew my service plan?

A: Contact your Clifford dealer who will arrange renewal of the plan.

Q: How many phones can operate one module/Account?

A: Unlimited.

Q: Will the “find my car function work in a busy multilevel Car Park?

A: Reception-wise the Clifford / Viper SmartStart module is similar to a mobile phone and is dependent on Network and GPS reception.

Q: What is the expected response time from Phone to module?

A: Dependant on phone network response time can vary from 5-10 secs.

Q: If someone gains access to my phone can they then also gain access to the vehicle?

A: The SmartStart App has the ability to be passworded. We recommend that a different password is used to that of the phone.

Q: What warranty is offered on Clifford / Viper SmartStart?

A: 12 Months.

Q: Can the system be removed and fitted into another vehicle?

A: Yes.

Q: How does speed alert work?

A: Leaving your car with a tradesman or a friend? Simply set the notification speed to receive notifications if the selected speed is exceeded.

Q: How does Hot Spot work?

A: You will receive alerts if the vehicle approaches within 5-25Km of a set location.

Q: How does Smart Fence work?

A: You will receive alerts if the vehicle moves 1-25Km of a set location.

Q: What is lockdown?

A: You will receive alerts when the car is moved from its current position. This feature protects against towing and theft.

Q: Does the unit rely on GPS or Mobile coverage?

A: Communication is done via mobile 3G coverage. GPS is utilised for the tracking/locating portion of the unit.

Q: How does the Directed / Viper APP communicate with the vehicle?

A: All communication is done using the data allowance (not SMS) please ensure that you have a data plan attached to your Smart Phone contract.

Q: If the car battery is flat will the unit still work?

A: No the unit needs a constant 12 volt power source to function. If the feature is turned on you will receive a low voltage alert before the car loses all power.

Q: I am not receiving alert notifications if not in the SmartStart App.

A: In settings on your Smart Phone ensure that you have selected “Allow Notifications” in the set up of the Smart Start App.