Clifford SmartStart Terms & Conditions

Your SmartStart is an “always-on” connected device that communicates over the Telstra GSM network. Just like a mobile phone, your SmartStart requires a service plan from a 3rd party provider to communicate over the network.

Like all other "unlimited” services such as cell phone data plans, we do have a limit on the number of uses per month that we can enforce on a case by case basis in the event that a device is malfunctioning or a subscriber is clearly abusing the service (e.g. commercial purposes). In the unlikely event that you approach the usage limits of your service plan, you’ll receive a notice with an option to opt up to a higher usage plan for an additional fee.

Feature availability of your SmartStart system may vary based on features enabled by the installer, the type of compatible Viper remote start/security system installed, the type of SmartStart module, the type of service plan, and the type of vehicle.