UK Products - Security Clifford 3102X

Clifford 3102X

(DISCONTINUED - Replaced by Viper 3102V)

SmartStart compatible Security (Not Remote Start) device.

With all Clifford systems you can add many different system enhancements for your convenience. Enhancements such as remote start can be added to easily on all Clifford systems and purchased.

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Clifford 3102X


  • 6 Channel Security/Keyless Entry System
  • Clone-safe code-hopping RF technology
  • On-board door lock relays (6 Wire Locking)
  • Parking/Hazard light flash (polarity jumper)
  • Failsafe starter kill (3 wire starter kill N/O N/C)
  • Six-tone siren
  • Super bright blue LED Status indicator
  • Dome light supervision
  • Comfort closure
  • 5 Auxiliary outputs
  • Horn honk
  • Dual-zone shock sensor
  • Comfort closure
  • Panic and trunk release buttons
  • Includes two 4-button transmitters