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XKLOADER2 - 2nd Gen XPRESSKIT Computer Programming tool

XKLOADER2 is the 2nd generation USB computer interface (Bootloader) that acts as a bridge between your pc & an XPRESSKIT upgradeable vehicle interface module. VIP (Vehicle Interface Program) provides the user interface needed to update and/or change the vehicle firmware. VIP includes a critical update alert which informs you if a newer version of vehicle firmware is available. XLOADER2 was designed to support faster & more powerful, processors such as the FlexRay compatible processors from NXP.

XKLOADER2 - 2nd Gen XPRESSKIT Computer Programming tool


  • More powerful encryption scheme, faster download speed and higher current output
  • Direct Plug and play compatible with the DBALL
  • Plug & play with Windows Vista 32 & 64, XP and Windows 2000 O/S
  • Upgrade any Xpresskit anytime from anywhere (internet access is required)
  • Auto detects installed firmware and alerts user of any critical updates
  • Flash and re-flash any available firmware

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