Authorised Car Alarm Dealers

Beware UnAuthorised Car Alarm Fitters

Avoid Purchasing Clifford Or Viper From Unauthorised Dealers


If you purchase a CLIFFORD system without an installation – or from an unauthorised dealer your warranty will be VOID.  To locate an authorised dealer please click the “Find a Dealer” link at the top of the page.

We have become aware of people selling alarms that are not fit for use in Europe or the UK.

Please be aware these are sold by unauthorised dealers who are selling a product that will NOT have a warranty – often they sell through portals such as Ebay or Amazon.


Please beware of purchasing alarms from the following websites:

Ebay maybe a good website for many things but beware most sellers will not be Authorised Dealers

Again – Anyone can setup a shop on Amazon to sell products – Many customers come to us with horror stories of faulty alarms, ill-fitted alarms, – -

Find Alarm Dealer

Find Alarm Dealer