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Secure your car from car system hackers

Secure your car from car system hackers

Drivers are being urged by police & the media to go back to basics and fit separate steering wheel locks to their vehicles as criminals find  ways to bypass sophisticated electronic security systems used in many luxury modern cars. The warning comes after a spate of thefts of luxury cars in which criminals have hacked into the onboard computer, bypassed the security settings and driven off in a matter of seconds.

Whereas a lot of people are recommending Steering wheel clamps etc..  In truth you cant go rong with a Thatcham Approved Car Alarm. With Clifford No One Dares Come Close..

About Thatcham

To many people, Thatcham Research are synonymous with vehicle security. Rightly so, given the centre’s contribution to an impressive reduction in UK vehicle crime since the mid-90’s.

Thatcham’s vehicle security team was established in 1992, with the primary aim of stemming the explosion in vehicle crime, which at the time was proving of great concern to the insurance industry.

Today recorded theft of vehicles is less than 100,000 cases per year down, from 620,000 at its height. Whilst many organisations can claim credit including vehicle manufacturers, UK law enforcement and government, Thatcham have been instrumental in driving up standards in both factory fit and aftermarket vehicle security installations and our security testing regime is considered to be one of the most rigorous in the world, acting as a model for crime prevention efforts internationally.

“Thatcham’s vehicle security testing regime is considered to be one of the most rigorous in the world.”

CLIFFORD also known in the USA as VIPER (produced by DIRECTED) is the world’s best selling vehicle security and remote start brand. Using precision engineering and leading technology to make sure you have control. CLIFFORD systems offer you a range of security features you can rely on.

CLIFFORD created the smartphone car control category and is pioneering the keyless lifestyle revolution with the DIRECTED & VIPER SmartStart app, which has been downloaded to more than one million iPhone, Android and Blackberry handsets.

No One Dares Come Close


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